• Intensive One-to-One Courses

    The One-to-One Courses track offer a varied set of one-on-one tutorial classes on different learning areas: business development, entrepreneurial management, multimedia, foreign languages, and general education.

    This list is representative of the nature of short courses:

    • Entrepreneurial Management
    • Business Development
    • Business Law
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Accounting
    • Taxation
    • Business Math
    • Business Economics
    • Financial Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Brand Management
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Personality Development
    • Digital Photography
    • Videography
    • Music Production
  • Cosmic Sonic Arts

    COSMIC SONIC ARTS is a creative music production and mentorship program rooted in individuality, harmony and conscious evolution; partnering and operating under The One School we aim to bring out the best in our students through optimum and superior educational methods and cutting-edge techniques.

    We believe that in the core of every living being lies the soul of a creator and we are here to awaken that part in all our students. Be it aspiring music makers, sound designers, producers and hobbyists alike. We believe in a world without boundaries where the mastery and manipulation of music and vibrations are the keys to growth, self-awareness and wisdom.

    Our current focus is on the mastery of Ableton Live as a primary tool of creation and being able to harness the most out of its functions to aid in bringing out your ideas in the purest yet most efficient ways possible.

    "it is more than a way of life but a means to wake up."

    website: Cosmic Sonic Arts

  • BLOOM Personality Development School

    Where children train to become successful adults.

    Who We Are

    BLOOM Personality Development School is a modern training institution for children ages five and up, designed to equip them with master skills in the areas of communication, social manners and behavior, and entrepreneurship. BLOOM sets children to a path that leads to adult achievement and success. We not only serve as a theoretical foundation; we guide children in creating practical applications for skills learned.

    BLOOM has been around since 2012, and is formerly known as BLOOM Speech & Personality Development Center.

    Our Philosophy

    Children learn best when they like what they are doing. And they thrive in environments where there is constant encouragement to do well.

    For children, to do well at this stage in their lives is to excel academically, be actively involved in extracurricular activities, receive recognitions and awards for their efforts, and gain praise. All these are fine achievements worthy of a parent’s pride and joy.

    But children’s character development cannot only include such criteria for them to be most effectual in life in the long run. One day, a child will grow into an adult person who must face higher social expectations and ever-changing economic responsibilities. More than acquired factual knowledge, technical information, and practical skills for personal advantage, what will make effective children (grown into successful adults) stand out is their capacity and willingness to do good for others.

    This is where BLOOM Personality Development comes in. It is our belief that children who are trained to be good first will learn to think and act in ways that benefit not only themselves but others as well.

    For instance, children who learn to be considerate will also find ways to be creative in dealing with other people in social situations. Children who learn to be patient will know how to wait for the right time to speak up their mind, or to pour out their heart. Children who learn to value hard work will grow up levelheaded, not seeking instant gratification nor demanding entitlement.

    BLOOM defines adult success as purposeful living – a life that speaks bravely in order to influence, acts responsibly in order to inspire, and works productively in order to meet not only one’s needs, but to have more in abundance in order to help others do the same. Children can understand these concepts when explained in their own simple or colorful language, and through direct or animated illustrations drawn from their own experiences.

    We acknowledge the power of children to learn deeper. Their tendency to ask “Why” in a series shows that they are capable and willing to learn more than what is readily apparent. Children ask “Why”  because they are curious and not easily satisfied. This is the reason why we encourage this question during sessions – to stimulate better learning and to give them definite answers.

    We acknowledge the care and presence of their parents, hear them out, and give them regular feedback on their children’s progress. After all, learning to be good must start at home. Responsible parents know this and we honor them for it. BLOOM combines good old manners learned from home with our own proven methods of motivation, skill-teaching, and guidance.

    Our Mission

    BLOOM’s mission is value-oriented and forward-driven – to train children to become successful adults. To be successful, one must learn how to be responsible. To be responsible, one must learn how to be mindful. We instill the practice of mindfulness in our students. We believe that when one is mindful, one will enjoy life more, and more of life.

    We help children learn the value of mindful words. Others will be willing to listen, there is less chance of misunderstanding, and unnecessary arguments can be avoided.

    We help children learn the value of mindful action. Good values attract other good values. Camaraderie, respect, and being liked are some of the benefits of acting responsibly towards one another. We help children learn the value of mindful economy. Financial responsibility – thrift, resourcefulness, and wealth creation – must start at an early age to help prepare them for future opportunities, challenges, and setbacks. At the least, the reward of being money-wise is the competence to enrich different areas of one’s life. At best, it can lead to generosity and peace of mind.

    And when they have learned each value, BLOOM encourages children to practice them as a skill wherever they are – at home, in school, at the mall, in the streets, in social happenings, or in more formal occasions.

    Our Vision

    We see a world that blooms in knowledge, confidence, courage, and goodness, one child at a time, starting in the Philippines and spreading in other countries that need BLOOM. BLOOM has been in existence for children since 2012, beginning in the small town of Puerto Galera. In the past years, the children of BLOOM came not only from the Philippines but also from China, Australia, Russia, Italy, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland.

    As we have grown into an institution that utilizes an individualized approach to personality development training, with practical applications and measurable results in our students’ lives, we envision BLOOM to become known as a leading Personality Development School with a child’s heart. We know children, for our programs were created and are continuously developed while being with children. “Bloom for the World” has been the championing spirit of every child enrolled at BLOOM. And every child in whom our mission has been accomplished becomes a treasured member of what we call the BLOOM Generation.

    No child has come to us without taking something meaningful, even life-changing, with them when it is time for them to leave. Some children join for a summer, others for years. Every child blooms at BLOOM different times, in different ways, at different speed. We envision BLOOM existing for as long as there are children whose learning must not cease.

    The BLOOM Programs

    BLOOM Personality Development School offers three programs for children ages 5 to 17:

    Public Speaking or Public Personality

    Manners & Etiquette or Social Personality

    Entrepreneurship for Kids or Business Personality

    Public Speaking (Public Personality)

    The BLOOM Public Speaking Program aims to enhance a child’s image, confidence, and speech communication skills. The program offers three levels of mastery.

    Level 1 - Basic

    Effective Oral Presentation teaches not only speaking skills but the use of proper attire, facial expressions, bodily gestures, microphone, visual aids, prompts, and notes to deliver a message in the form of a report, talk, or speech. The student will learn the different types of reports and speeches, as well as strategies in effective delivery, and basic-level confidence development.

    By the end of Level 1, the student will have become a confident speaker who is knowledgeable in presentation skills, able to choose the appropriate manner of delivery, and can effectively demonstrate the difference between informing and persuading.

    Level 2 - Intermediate

    Creative Voice Styles focuses on the sound delivery of message, which includes breathing exercises, mouth exercises, pronunciation drills, voice modulation, voice manipulation (as in narration or storytelling), and correction of slight speech sound blemishes (e.g. regional accent that, while not inherently wrong, may hinder effective communication).

    By the end of Level 2, the student will have learned to use his or her voice as a powerful tool to not only effectively deliver a message as in Level 1, but to creatively do so as well. The student-turned-speaker, at this level, also becomes an entertainer and an artist who knows how to captivate and engage an audience.

    Level 3 -Advanced

    Nervousness & Stage Fright Management teaches techniques in managing two of the most common concerns in public speaking which limit or prevent communication effectiveness. Lessons include performance-level confidence development, working the stage, platform, or room, and handling a small, medium-sized, and big audience. The BLOOM method of mind resetting and motivation is highly applied in this course.

    While any student who has finished Levels 1 and 2 can now move on to Level 3, this Advanced course is most recommended to students whose nervousness and fear of public speaking result to temporary loss of voice, internal shaking, sweating and feeling of coldness, and even fainting. Unlike Levels 1 and 2 BLOOM which have fixed number of hours and sessions, Level 3 may take longer for students dealing with such condition. But, by the end of the course, students will have become masters of public speaking.

    In all levels of the BLOOM Public Speaking Program, the value of mindful words is taught and reinforced. We instill in every student that more than learning how to speak articulately, one must also learn to choose words carefully, especially when they are in the public eye, so as to avoid showing off, or worse, giving offense.

    Manners & Etiquette (Social Personality)

    The BLOOM Manners & Etiquette Program has been our top-selling program since 2012, as it is timely, needed and in demand.

    The onset of smartphones, tablets, social media websites and online game applications has exposed children to new ways of behaving and communicating, leading them to form new habits that do not always have a positive effect. When placed in their proper context and used responsibly, these technological advances are time savers and entertainment delights. However, it has been a consensus among psychology experts and parents that they affect and impede an important aspect of children’s social development – that of real-time, face-to-face, “traditional” interaction.

    BLOOM Social Personality, as it is more popularly known, is a program that enhances a child’s self-esteem in relation to his or her interaction with other members of society, from young to old, in different situations. A self-confident child carries good manners and applies them wherever he or she goes. Consideration and respect accompany the value of mindful action, which is taught and reinforced all throughout the program.

    The program has four levels of mastery.

    Level 1 – Basic

    Everyday Manners at Home and School is an introductory course in social skills offered to the very young (typically ages 5-7). Table manners, volunteering, taking turns, addressing elders and authorities, answering calls, attending to visitors, respecting privacy, taking care of belongings including pets, following school rules, giving directions, and behaving in church or other places of worship, are some of the lessons taught in sessions. Magic words such as “Please,” “Thank you,” “Excuse me,” and “I’m sorry” are given constant emphasis.

    By the end of Level 1, the student will have become confident, pleasant, and effective little social explorers in their immediate environments. They will also have learned courtesy to all.

    Level 2 – Basic

    Party Manners and Making More Friends targets children ages 8 and up, but younger ones who have completed Level 1 can also take this course. A certain level of social confidence will have been gained from Level 1 (or from more social exposure in the case of older children who did not take it) which prepares them for the more active lessons of this course. Topics include The Fun Art of Conversation, Party Planning and Creating Party Invitations, Being a Good Host, Being a Good Guest, The Fun Art of Making Friends, and The Fun Art of Correspondence (Letter Writing).

    By the end of Level 2, the student will have become a well-mannered party expert – confident, creative, and considerate, caring of others’ needs, conversationally effective, and more open to making and keeping good friends.

    Level 3 – Intermediate

     Social Media Manners and Online Etiquette is a short intensive course offered to Level 2 graduates, and older children who are regularly exposed to the internet, especially if without the careful watch of a parent or guardian. The course aims to protect children and help them use the internet responsibly for purposes such as leisure browsing, homework research, fun entertainment, and connecting with people. Boundaries, privacy issues, and cyber bullying are explained and discussed.

    By the end of Level 3, the student will have become an alert, conscientious, and responsible online user and social media member, understanding fully that his or her actions online have consequences, and can impact and influence their lives and others’ in positive or negative ways.

    Level 4 – Advanced

    Etiquette for Formal Occasions is an intensive course in everything considered formal – from what to wear to how to eat. Level 3 graduates can move on to this level. Older children – young teens up to age 17 – who did not take the other levels may also take this course on its own. This is particularly recommended to those who are about to come of age and will be celebrating this important milestone  with loved ones and cherished friends in a special formal gathering.

    Topics include Formal Attire and Appropriate Style & Grooming, Understanding Western and Eastern Table Settings, Dining Etiquette (e.g. Multiple Course Dinners, Buffet Style, Japanese Style, and so on), and Ladylike and Gentlemanly Talk and Behavior.

    By the end of Level 4, the student will have become a well-rounded, well-informed sociable person who has learned to look effortless in navigating new and wider social circles and gracefully hold their own. His or her way with words has been polished and improved, mannerisms kept at bay. At this level of personality development, the student has become quite socially charming, attractive, and effective, ready to take on the new role of a young adult.

    Entrepreneurship for Kids (Business Personality)

    BLOOM Entrepreneurship for Kids is our newest program, which we started to offer only this year. The idea behind this program is the importance of teaching kids about money, to start them young.Traditional schools do not offer courses in financial literacy – saving and spending, budgeting, and understanding concepts such as debts and funds – unless one’s academic track leads to a business or finance degree. We believe that financial responsibility must be learned at an early age, no matter what a child chooses as a job, business, or profession when he or she becomes an adult.

    Entrepreneurship is a good starting point, a foundation for financial education. When applied, it leads to the development of a business mindset, which includes qualities such as resourcefulness, financial discipline, and capacity for wealth creation. BLOOM Entrepreneurship for Kids emphasizes the value of mindful economy, and helps students develop an enterprising mind and learn the necessary skills along with it.

    The program has two levels of learning.

    Level 1 – Basic

    Money Lessons 101 targets children as early as age 5. From saving using a piggy bank to earning interest with a junior bank account, this course helps children appreciate the real value of money, and why it is always better to save than to spend. Here, we also discuss where their parents’ money comes from (it comes from hard work!), what it can do, and why it needs to be handled smartly. Simple math problems and computations will also be incorporated in lessons to help students understand money in concrete numbers.

    By the end of Level 1, the student will have understood concepts such as saving, spending, budgeting, instant or delayed gratification, and earning money versus asking for money. More importantly, he or she will learn the relationship between having money and spreading generosity. The student will learn to value and aim for abundance.

    Level 2 – Intermediate

    My Business Plan 101 is offered to students who have finished Level 1. Lessons and activities are given in a form of workshop, in which students will assess their own potentials in business, creating a PITS (Passion, Interest, Talent, Skill) List, after which they will decide what type of product they would like to sell, or service they would like to offer. This product or service will then be presented in class, to be tested for its “market potential” and “salability”.

    By the end of Level 2, the student will have gained insight into his or her own personality based on his or her PITS List, thereby becoming more self-aware and confident in the process. Concepts such as marketing, advertising, and selling will be learned, understood, and applied within a controlled environment. The student will also emerge in the program equipped with a business plan that they can learn to improve on their own, as well as creative thinking skills, presentation skills, and writing skills.

Jorge Wieneke V
> Music Production

Jorge Wieneke V (aka similarobjects) is a multi-genre beat-maker/laptop musician/experimental artist. He is currently signed to Local Record Label "Deeper Manila" and "Number Line Records" as well as the Singaporean-based Label "DarkerThanWax". He is also a music professor in De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde, School of Design and Arts where he teaches Electronic Music as a part of the AB Music Production Program.