Francisco Colayco / Mary Anne Colayco

Husband and wife Dr. Francisco and Mary Anne Colayco, team up to mentor students with their wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and the corporate world. Dr. Francisco is an entrepreneur, a venture developer, and financial advisor. He has over forty years of experience covering service contracting abroad, manufacturing, trading, construction, shipbuilding, banking, and financial services. He is currently the Chairman of the Colayco Foundation for Education and author of three bestsellers: Wealth Within Your Reach (2004 Book of the Year for Business and Economics Awardee), Making Your Money Work (nominated 2005 Book of the Year for Business and Economics), and Pera Palaguin Workbook. Mary Anne Colayco has over twenty years of experience as a top executive of the Ayala Group involved in the companies related to fund management, agriculture, food manufacturing, and telecoms. A former Commissioner of the Energy Regulatory Commission, she is currently involved in the advocacy of spreading financial literacy to Filipinos.