If it wasn't for the mentoring at The One School, I would never have been able to put up Spin City, the first and only DJ School in the country. Through this, I have found a way to make money out of my passion.

Jessie Suaco, Founder of Spin City DJ Education

One of the things I appreciate most about The One School is the personalized attention I receive from my teachers and mentors. They have become true friends and life coaches to me. The discipline I learned helps me in the pursuit of my dream of becoming a Pro Golfer

Venjo Reyes, Champion Amateur Golfer

The non-traditional method of teaching at The One School enables me to learn and absorb the lessons in class and apply it to my business and real life endeavors.

Tasha Rodriguez, Student Entrepreneur, VitaOils Mulberry Healing Oil

Before my experience in The One School, I thought I had to choose one side. One side would have been having to learn all the ins and outs of the business world. The other was to continue what I was good at which was the more creative & artistic side of the spectrum. But this school taught me to break boundaries, bend rules, and find a way to do it all. I speak now with pride that The One School has helped me fight my weakness (business), improve my strengths (the arts) and as a result creating an online apparel line that allows me to have an outlet for my passionate and artistic side but being lucrative at the same time. The One School taught me that there are no boundaries to success. With discipline and hard work, anything is possible. Never let things limit you because its our differences that make us. It's individualism at its best.

Stacy Rodriguez, Glasnost Apparel