A group of innovative entrepreneurs and educators, impatient with the traditional methods of academic instruction, got together and declared, "There has got to be a better way."

The leaders founded The One Nation Entrepreneur School with ‘learning institute’ in mind and its main purpose is to provide an alternative education system for college students. By alternative, it means smaller classes with personalized instruction. With this system, students who felt they did not fit into regular school could expect to learn through innovative teaching methods. This is not to say that it is better or worse than traditional schools, but is rather a method that caters to students who are more comfortable with this kind of system.

Opened in 2007, The ONE School is designed to be a small school. On average, there are only 10 students per class. The non-traditional methods and approach of the school is not for everybody just as not everybody is meant for traditional methods. The school believes in the “different strokes for different folks” approach to learning. Education program at ONE is more maverick, open-minded, mentor-type and collaborative.

The ONE School is an innovative learning institution that focuses on entrepreneurship. Once the students know themselves and know what to achieve, the school will be their to assist and guide them in reaching their end goals. As a progressive school, we recognize the alternative ways of education which make the students’ learning experience personalized. Students who prefer a non-traditional way of learning should feel right at home at ONE.

The ONE School once opened pioneering courses in multimedia run by the School of Intermedia Film and Technology (SHIFT) and Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and Marketing run by the School of the Fashion and the Arts (SoFA Design Institute).

Adopting the Harkness method, which espouses discussion-type instruction, the School currently focuses on Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and Continuing Education Programs.

Are you meant for The ONE School?

We are looking for people who dare to dream. People who do not allow themselves be dictated by and be limited to the world’s norms. People who are open to share ideas and impart lessons that would help them achieve their visions.