Success in life is hardly the result of retention of knowledge. Instead, it stems from finding one’s passion and maximizing one’s potential. At The ONE School, we believe that everyone is an expert at something, and not everyone learns the same way. Guiding the individual to start and live a successful life in line with potential is what our version of education is all about.


Developing skills is half the formula for success. The other half is having the character, personal mastery and confidence to own these skills and apply it in the real world. In The ONE School, we inspire students to become the best version of themselves. We help students overcome limiting beliefs and unleash their innate greatness.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

The entrepreneurial mindset goes way beyond just starting a business. It is a lifestyle and a philosophy. It is seeing opportunities when others see problems. In The ONE School, we provide students with an environment where they can interact with and be inspired by those who share this unique worldview. They learn to create their own version of this truth using the many in-class and out-of-class interactions as a guide.

Interpersonal Intelligence

The ONE School believes that a highly developed personal intelligence reflects through a person’s social skills: working well in groups, assembling teams, motivating others and listening empathetically. ONE values the importance of collaboration among students because almost everything of value in this world is created in partnerships.

Communication Skills

Pen and paper tests are not the only measure of success. Excellent communication skill is a necessary tool to excel outside the school setting. With this, The ONE School provides all students an opportunity at the end of every term to present their personal goals and business ideas to a panel of successful entrepreneurs and industry practitioners. This Pitch is an opportunity to cultivate articulateness, and to provide students encouragement and direction to achieve their objectives.