“Yours to explore, yours to discover, intellectual curiosity will be your true compass - excellence your true north.”

The One School degree develops self-worth, articulateness, interpersonal intelligence, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, CHED-accredited

    The ONE’s BS Entrepreneurship is a three-year and one term programme that gives you the confidence, opportunities and skills to launch a new business venture and act in a leadership role.

    In the first year, the student will research, craft, and morph their idea into a viable business concept. In the second year, the student will refine their concept and develop a strategy and plan to attract financial, human and other resources. By the third year, the student is expected to start implementing the business.

    Learning is enhanced through mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and industry practitioners, and review by peers.

    The programme aims to prepare students to become entrepreneurial leaders with capabilities to act on opportunities, needs and challenges, to develop businesses and innovations in a global and changing business context. The students learn about innovation, entrepreneurship, networking and business growth.

    Internship and Shadowing

    You have the opportunity to take part in the Internship and Shadowing Programs at The ONE. This allows you to work with an entrepreneur, a manager, or a new business incubator or innovation project. The programs aim at giving you a first hand experience to business in a conducive environment. By the end of the programs,, you should develop and increase your ability to use and put into practice models and theories from the education given at the School.

    The Internship and Shadowing programs are highly valued for several reasons:

    1.Deeper immersion and experience of working with professionals and entrepreneurs.

    2.Intensive practical training and application of theories.

    3.Valuable entrepreneurial work experience.

    4.Opportunities to develop networks and contacts with the business arena.

    Corporate Connections

    Cooperation with the business world and the society is an important prerequisite for the activities at the school. The ONE has well developed networks of corporate and community connections. As part of the programme, students benefit from the Leaders Forum, analysis of real world business cases, and working with different entrepreneurs as they complete their internship and shadowing programs.


    Make your business future a success by building the fundamental skills of an entrepreneur through our broad range of core courses. The ONE curriculum provides rigorous coverage of key functional areas and disciplines: management, marketing, accounting, economics, finance and communications. The courses build on and complement each other and are carefully integrated to provide an analytical grounding in the techniques and frameworks you need to excel in the business world.

    You will be trained to analyze business models, read and project financial statements, construct a comprehensive business plan, and manage a business in a competitive business environment.

    I. General Education

    A. Language

    Explore how individuals develop and execute effective communication in English for business and professional settings. The courses prepare students in reading, speaking, listening and writing in both English and Filipino languages.

    B. Humanities

    Designed to provide students with critical framework, appreciation for precise thinking and set of tools to examine entrepreneurial and professional problems. The courses aim to study rigorous tools and techniques supporting good reasoning, covering topics in philosophy and logic useful in preparation for relevant topics in mathematics, economics and statistics.

    C. Math & Science

    Discover how mathematics theory and practice apply to business operations. The courses join studies of statistics, business analytics and physical sciences with hands-on technical skills which gives a powerful combination of business know-how and insight.

    D. Social Science

    Combination of social science and historical perspectives on tracing the major developments, contexts, challenges, and policy issues in both local and global settings. An introduction to interdisciplinary approaches to psychology, sociology, economics, political science and Philippine history.

    II. National Service Training Program (NSTP)

    Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS), one of the program components of NSTP, contributes to the general welfare of the members of the community and the enhancement of its facilities, especially those devoted to improving health, education, environment, entrepreneurship, safety, recreation and moral of the citizenry and other social welfare services. The course includes community immersion and project implementation and classroom discussions.

    III. Physical Education

    Physical education emphasizes skill development necessary for a lifetime of activity. These courses provide students with opportunities to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness and increase their knowledge of fitness concepts.

    IV. Business Core

    Business studies provide comprehensive analysis needed for overall management of a business enterprise. Designed to develop students' appreciation of business environments, organizational structures, accounting numbers, economic activities and operating strategies. The core exposes students to understanding the language and structure of business through the functional areas of business: accounting, finance, management, and marketing.

    V. Entrepreneurship Core

    Designed to teach students the process of creating a new viable venture. Be guided in each and every step of your business venture - from the conception of an idea, writing a business plan to running the business. Major objectives are for students to learn how to identify and evaluate business opportunities, develop a business concept, assess and obtain the required resources, and manage the growth of new ventures.

    VI. Electives

    With the core studies as the foundation, you can tailor your electives to suit your business track and specific area of interest. Choose electives that will expand your knowledge of business, give you broader personal or professional perspective, and develop your skills in the workplace.

    This list is representative of the nature of electives:

    Social Entrepreneurship




    Operations and Management Science

    Information Systems

    Foreign Languages

> Philosophy

Mark Dacela is The ONE School's Associate Dean. He has a PhD in Philosophy and has been teaching for over ten years now. Mark also serves as a program consultant and research coordinator. for the Department of Philosophy of De La Salle University, and its current undergraduate program.

> Entrepreneurial Mindset

Lex Ledesma is The ONE School's Executive Director. He was awarded a Gold Medal for Outstanding Thesis in Engineering upon graduating from De La Salle University. Lex took a Master’s Degree in Engineering in Stanford University and is currently taking a doctorate degree at UP Diliman.

Lex served as an educational consultant for the International Labour Organization (ILO), an agency of the United Nations, tasked with integrating entrepreneurship into all public high schools in the Philippines.

> Historyador, Pilipino

Michael Charleston "Xiao" B. Chua holds a B.A. and M.A. in History and currently finishing his Ph.D. in Anthropology in the University of the Philippines Diliman. He had taught at the UP History Department and currently at the De La Salle University as Assistant Professorial Lecturer. He had published in a number of reputable refereed journals and other publications and spoke in different venues around the country. He is the leading historian in Philippine media and was consulted by major networks on various historical television programs. His dream is to bring history closer to the people.

> Marketing Management

Anj took her Masters in Business Management at Asian Institute of Management. She worked as a Marketing Head in the Entertainment Industry for almost 15 years. She has extensive experience in handling brands like Walt Disney, Viva Movie, Concert and Record Projects, Cirque Du Soleil, Fuerza Bruta amongst others. Anj loves teaching at The ONE School.

> Yoga and Pilates

Kim Calantoc has been teaching yoga for three years. She graduated under All Yoga Bali 200-hour ashtanga vinyasa yoga teaching training. Her passion is to bring a new simple, efficient style of yoga to busy men and women, fitness people and curious beginners. She is also a certified barre3, mat pilates and rainbow kids yoga teacher.

> Finance and Economics

Kuans Chen is practicing financial management and has passion for teaching. She holds a Bachelors in Commerce from De La Salle University and is currently taking up her Masters in Economics. She worked as research analyst of SNL Financial and Institutional Shareholder Services where she gained good experience in capital structure, market data and the different financial products.

> Personality Development

Dess Verzosa is a personality development and service trainer whose passion is seeing the incredible potential of people being realized. She is a licensed international flight attendant and now concentrates on her passion for the arts. Dess currently works as a stage/TV/ film actress, professional makeup artist, yoga instructor among others.